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Calidan Mission 3rd Anniversary

The Calidan Mission Foundation celebrated its 3rd year anniversary in 2016 with a grand ceremony. The event was a stunning success, with hundreds of guests, volunteers, and community members in attendance.

The ceremony was held at the foundation's headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria and featured a variety of activities and events designed to celebrate the foundation's accomplishments and mission.

Guests were treated to a variety of food and drink, as well as live music and entertainment throughout the evening. The festivities also included speeches from several board members and key community leaders, who spoke about the foundation's impact on the local community.

One of the primary goals of the ceremony was to recognize and thank the many volunteers who have contributed to the foundation's success over the past three years. Dozens of dedicated volunteers were honored for their hard work and commitment to the foundation's mission, and were given awards and other forms of recognition.

Another key aspect of the ceremony was the unveiling of several new initiatives and projects that the foundation will be launching in the coming months. These include expanded outreach efforts to underserved communities, as well as increased support for local schools and educational programs.

Overall, the 3rd year anniversary ceremony was a powerful testament to the impact that the Calidan Mission Foundation has had on the local community. It was a celebration of the organization's success, as well as a rallying cry for continued support and advocacy for its important work.

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