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Donut Mania 11/5/2021

The first bite of a donut in a donut contest you'd think would be enjoyable. When that first bite represents a taste that you then have to anticipate for what you're hoping is 36 more donuts...well, let's just say it was very hard to even enjoy a single bite! ​That said, the event was a blast and we raised a total of $9,000+ for The Calidan Missions Foundation. That means that thanks to folks like you the total per donut amount average for the event ended up being $243. Special thanks to Kaysha, Chi and Danielle on the Texas Capital Team for the extra effort given to make sure this went off without a hitch. Convincing the District Manager of Krispy Kreme to shutdown the inside of a store on a Saturday was no easy task! and of course......THANK YOU...FOR YOUR SUPPORT! My goal was 30+ donuts, and it turns out that was James' goal too. The final score actually ended up being 20-17

in favor of James. We were humbled by extreme sugar, but it has now also created a bond between us that very few on the planet earth will ever understand....well, unless you eat 17 or 20 donuts in front of a crowd when after the 4th Donut you both would rather give up. #

DonutBros I'm sure it is no surprise that I don't like losing-BUT, I didn't really expect to win goal was to be the best trash talker leading into the event and then let go and let the universe take the wheel. Well, the universe took the wheel and it was a sugar filled path to the depths of a place I hope to never see or feel again. Absolutely Terrible!!!! It is really hard to grasp how significant just $20 can be in some areas of Africa. For some context, the $9,000 that will be raised from fulfillment of the pledges can cover 75 kid's food needs for an entire year at the school. I anticipate that this money will also go towards completing the furnishings and finish out of the new dormitory building that has been built. Obi Nwambuonw

o the founder of the Calidan Mission was present for the event and was absolutely blown away by the community support. Several people have sent in "Kuzi Keep Your Head Up" donations that match my goal of 30+, since that is what I had previously shared. We're thrilled to get your donations at 17 X the $ amount you committed, but if you like the cause and had thought my ego would be able to push me to accomplish my goal of 30, and budgeted as such...feel free to send 30X $. However there is no pressure to do that. Thanks again for your support, link below and some fun pictures from the event.

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