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From Our Archives in 2012, Meet Victor in Black Spectacles, Calidan Very first, read what he said

"This was me in 2011 when I gained admission to study computer Networking Management so I am Calidan very first Beneficiary in 2012 when I reached out to (mom) The Founder, that faithful day I reached out mom through Facebook I was in my first year in school studying computer networking and I had already been struggling with life all alone as orphan since 2007 when I lost my mom which was my last hope, my dad passed away in 2001, the founder my mom as I always call her helped me paid all my fees till I graduated and also bought me a laptop and my networking tools for school, funny enough I still have them lol 😂 , To God be the Glory I am currently an Executive Administrative Assistant, an Entertainment Entrepreneur and also the Designer of the Calidan Website, God bless you mom for all you have been doing for the less privilege"

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