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Calidan Missions has successfully built a School from Creche to Senior Secondary School currently running with a Total of 114 Students and 20 Staffs, a Clinic with 12 Full time Staffs and  have successfully helped a Total of 47 beneficiaries including Orphans, Widows, Vulnerable Individuals in the society and the girl child in Nigeria

Our Projects


As a fully registered preschool to high school in Lagos State, Calidan Schools was able to accept 20 new students at the beginning of the new school year in 2018, bringing the total number of students to 84 Of these, 40 students are grant recipients and 44 are fee-paying students. Currently in 2023 we have 6 New regular Students, 67 regular Students, and a Total of 114 Students, we also have a Total of 40 bed Dormitories of which 4 girls and 8 boys a total of 12 are currently Occupied.  The staff consists of 3 Non Teaching Staff, 15teaching Staff and 2 Admin Totaling a number of 20 Staff, and has a Total of 40 bed Dormitories. We continue to provide one meal a day for our grant recipients, as most parents/caregivers are unable to do so.
The students continue to show improvements academically and emotionally, as a result of their basic needs being met. Their overall well-being and confidence is a direct result of the loving care of our devoted team of educators.
In addition to a meal-a-day, Calidan Schools presently provides accommodation for some of our grant recipients, whose parents/caregivers are unable to afford the daily commute to and from school, due to the location of the new facility. This helps reduce the school dropout rate among the students.

Our School


Our medical staff includes 12 full-time employees, including 2 physicians, 8 nurses, 1 lab technician, and 1 pharmacy clerk. We offer unique medical outreaches and have treated over 100,000 patients in the last year (2017/2018).
Our services include blood pressure and blood sugar screenings and treatments, malaria and typhoid screenings and treatments, as well as one-off cases that need more detailed attention such as pre & post natal care. The clinic has had 7 baby deliveries and presently treats 6 pregnant mothers who receive antenatal care. We take our services to the marketplaces and communities, educating the population on basic health issues providing follow up services as needed.
In joint partnership wih Opthometrist, Dr. Florence Osaghae, we have offered affordable medical eye services to roughly 30,000 people in six months, "giving hope to the hopeless".
In less than one year, our Clinic was awarded the 'The Best Humane Health Provider of 2017,' in recognition of these wonderful and selfless services.

Our Hospital


Calidan missions had 40 Old beneficiaries, 2 recently graduated and 9 new Intake making a Total of 47 beneficiaries including Orphans, Widows, Vulnerable Individuals in the society and the girl child in Nigeria

Calidan Beneficiaries
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